ES PE Reminders

We have had many new families arrive this semester and so would like to welcome all those families and let you know some information about the ES PE program. Children need to wear the correct athletic footwear and PE uniform on the days they are scheduled for PE. (No flip flops or crocs or sandals) They are welcome to bring a change of shoes to school for PE lessons. Chasing fleeing and dodging games, kicking punting and dribbling activities require athletic shoes to increase safety and success! We also ask children to bring a full water bottle with their name on it to all PE lessons and also wear a hat for all PE lessons scheduled on the ES Field. Parents are also welcome to join in or watch PE lessons. 

 The PE department manage a recess box in the ES Plaza with sports equipment for children to use during their play time. Children simply need to hand in their school ID to a supervisor located at the recess box. At the end of play children return the borrowed equipment and collect their Student ID card. This system helps students be responsible. If a child does not return the equipment their ID will be handed in to their child’s PE teacher. 


Lastly we have a website which has a list of the physical activities children can become involved in and around Manila. Check out


All of the above information can also be found on your child’s PE teacher’s blog along with schedules, videos, photos and other information about PE lessons. We have just posted videos from the recent ES PE student led conferences for Kindergarten and Grade 1.

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